Sunday, October 16, 2011

Randoms and Catch Up

Well, it's been an embarrassing amount of time since I last posted. It's I drive, I often organize and talk through posts in my head. Then, I get home and life hits and I don't write them. Well, I have been documenting some projects and recipes and want to update them on here, but balancing the time of completing them and everything else has just made the "posting" part have to wait. Well, here goes a few upcoming things that I want to post....

First, I have had major Pinterest addiction, and have found MANY more projects to attempt. One big problem...I have spent more time finding ideas than actually COMPLETING anything! My goal for fall...complete something!! Here are some upcoming posts:

-Weekend French Toast...hands. down. my fav!! It's my hubs birthday breakfast each year, and usually what we have on Christmas, too!
-The Best White Chicken Chili...I swear this is the main reason my husband married me, haha!
-Comforting Breakfast Bowls...the perfect cold-night-breakfast-for-dinner meal or cozy Saturday morning breakfast!
-Spinach and Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie (I swear this is tasty and super healthy with a great energy boost!!!)
-For Thanksgiving: My family-famous (well, my Uncle Jim is the main one that loves it...haha!) Homemade Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce

-Follow-up after a year of cloth diapers and homemade laundry detergent... (Spoiler: Still in love with both!!)
-Upcoming living room plans
-My recent (as in yesterday) Goodwill finds and new treasures (oh, the power of spray paint!!)
-Organinzg my craft closet
-Fall decorations...a few DIY ideas
-Winter decorations...after Thanksgiving, of course!!  Oh, this is my favorite time of year!
-Adventures in sewing...a few attempts... :)
-My new camera lens...before and afters/what I love about it, and some shots from a few photo shoots I've done for my friends!

Alright, well this should keep me busy for a while. Look for a new post soon. As in hopefully tonight! Off to play tennis and enjoy this great fall weather!!! :)

Happy day, everyone!

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