Saturday, March 24, 2012

Year in Pictures UPDATE

No, I didn't quit...yes, it's been harder than I thought. I have several photos to post, but felt like I shouldn't post any until I had the two for each week. I have been in a little bit of a photo slump the past several weeks. I'm 100% still interested and actually reading about all things photo all.the.time, but just haven't stretched myself when it comes to coming up with creative compositions. I'm okay with that, though. I go through spurts. I feel like most of my photos have been the same thing...Finley playing with his police car, cooking, hanging out around the house. Probably because that's what we've been up!  And it's been great!

Sooo...I am making a change...I am still going to post weekly, and back date my other weeks to catch up. I am going to reduce the photos that I'm in to AT LEAST 1 per month. That may sound like a cop out (and it partly is) but, I find myself stressing out about it and it's making me not want to post anything. Plus, it's still more than I had last year and I have SOOO much to learn, that I think focusing on one thing at a time at this point is going to serve me better creatively. My current focus is nailing SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots and exposure/white balance/focus/etc. I have been researching Kelvin white balance and the Zone system for exposure. I've been reading a ton and just want to concentrate on getting this down pat right now.

And if I'm totally honest....if all I got this year with me in it is the silhouette photo of me and Finley, then I'm 1000% happy with that! :)  My absolute favorite!

Ok, on to play catch up!!

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