Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bookshelf Pick-Me-Up!

 Are you ever bored with your decor, but don't really want to change too much?? I did! I like the things in my house, but needed to change it up a bit. Oftentimes, I would decorate my dark wood bookshelves, and unless everything was light, you couldn't see anything. This got me to thinking...what if I covered the back of them? I saw this idea on Dear Genevive where she backed bookshelves with wallpaper and they looked GREAT! (I tried to get a picture, but only a video was available. Here it is if you'd like to see.) I knew I didn't want to use wallpaper for the cost, but thought wrapping paper would be a nice alternative. So, to Target I went and found great sublte and light paper. Wanna see?? (I don't have a before...this happens often because I plan to start projects after Manwich goes to bed, but get antsy and start at random times during the day when I get a sec. That's why most of my pics are taken at night.)

wrapping paper (I used 1 roll, just depends on what you are covering)
tape measure
double sided tape
exacto knife

Step 1: Remove everything from bookshelves, incluing removable shelves.

(Side note: these storage baskets from IKEA are AWESOME! Toys are contained and our living room doesn't look like a toy explosion, but everything is readily available. Our rule of thumb, if there are more toys than bins, we need to donate.) Tangent-check!

Step 2. Measure each shelf/section.
Step 3: Unroll the paper on a hard surface (I did this on my kitchen floor.) Measure out each section on the wrapping paper and cut them out.

I tried to flip it, but you get the idea...

Step 4: Apply several strips of double sided tape, peel tape backing, and stick to the bookshelf. Tip:  Start with the top middle and then stick down the top corners, smooth out the middle all the way down and then tape the outside edges and bottom.  After it's on the bookshelf, use the exacto knife to clean up any edges.
Step 5: Repeat in all sections.

Step 6: Add shelves back onto bookshelf.

Step 7:  Put items back on your bookshelf!

(Sorry it's sideways...I'm having trouble switching them around.)

Close-up of my shelves

 It's so much easier to see everything and I'm very pleased with the result! Best cost: $4 for wrapping paper!! Everything else we had!

I couldn't just stop there....I have a matching glass cabinet that was moved to our bedroom when we got our desk. It holds cookbooks and various decor items that are not currently in use...not what I want to look at every time I'm in my room. I used the same technique, except I didn't find wrapping paper I liked, so I used...scrapbook paper!!!! (Total cost: $4...12 sheets of paper at 50% off from Hobby Lobby!)

I just used the double-sided tape in the corners of each piece and stuck it to the glass. Then, I opened the door and used regular satin tape to cover the seams. Viola!

Do you have any tricks for scrapbook paper or wrapping paper besides this use? I'd love to know! There are so many great papers out there just waiting for a new purpose!!!!! :-)

Happy measuring, cutting, and taping!


  1. Katie, I didn't know you had a blog! Love the bookshelf background!! Looks great!

  2. Thanks!! Yes, I started it in November :)