Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take a seat!

Do you remember my mudroom project?? To sum it up, I installed some beadboard, moved a bench from my desk underneath some hooks, and loved the result.
Only problem? My desk was lonely and I needed a place to sit...

Cue a local antique store, semi-ugly chair (great chair bones, horrible fabric), some paint and new fabric...

Here you go:

This is before...I fell in love with the scroll detail on the back of the chair...and it's $17 price!  (The cushion wasn't torn when I got it...I started cutting and forgot to take a before pic.)

Detail...isn't it lovely??!!

Back...perfect sized chair!

Step 1: Remove cushion
step 2: Lightly sand chair with fine sandpaper

 Step 3: 3 LIGHT coats of high-gloss paint. I color-matched my paint to my fabric.

 Step 4: Add extra batting to cushion and cover with fabric.
Step 5: Reattach cushion (I forgot to take pics of these steps as I was trying to work quickly so I could move everything out of Manwich's way.)

Now, FINISHED!! And fits PERFECTLY at the desk!! And I LOVE it! I love white so much, so I was proud that I picked an actual color!

Front of chair... I got this fabric from Joann's during a 50% sale...YAY! Only 1 yard was needed, although I may have been able to get away with half a yard, but I'm a bit conservative in that way.

 Compared to the bench fabric:

The whole scene!! I love it!!! :):)


  1. Love this! I wish I were as crafty as you. I may have to commission you for a project or two around our abode!

  2. That is a sweet chair. Did you spray it indoors?

  3. I actually hand painted it in my kitchen.