Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Sugar

I am not a big baker, but one thing that I love is my homemade vanilla sugar and vanilla extract...and they are SOOOO easy and keep on giving forever!!!

Vanilla Extract:
 Put a bunch of vanilla beans in a glass jar and fill the jar with cheap vodka...done. :) LEt it sit for a month or so to really concentrate the flavor. Since vanilla beans are so expensive, I ordered them online from Amazon. I think I bought a bunch of 30 beans for around $15, but but split them between two jars (one for my mom a jar for Mother's Day...perfect gift!!) and the sugar below.  Best part is that as you use it, just add more vodka. If you notice, I'm getting a little low and need to add more. Another really cool thing is that whenever you have a recipe that calls for vanilla beans and you need to scrape out the pods, all you have to do is take one of the beans out of the jar, snip the end, and squeeze the seeds out. Then, put the bean back in your extract jar!!! Keeps on giving :)

Speaking of extracts, I'm very interested in trying some others: almond, orange, peppermint...I'll let you know if I get around to it!!

Vanilla Sugar:
This is very similar to the extract...take 2-4 (depending on the size of your jar...I think I have 3) vanilla beans and split them in half lengthwise. Next, mix them in a jar with sugar. Done. :) Like the extract, let it sit for a month or so before you use it. Sometimes I need to use a fork to loosen everything, but as soon as you open the jar, the soft scent of vanilla wafts in the air and instantly causes those around to smile!!

These make fabulous simple gifts!! Let me know if you come up with new flavors or combos!!  I always love a new idea!!

Enjoy, friends!!! :):)


  1. Katie! I love your blog! Do you remember "Hawaiian-izing" my room in high school and deconstructing window panes? Fir what readon, I can't remember, but it was fun! My fiancee's mom makes vanilla sugar, but she also throws lavender into the mix and it's delicious in tea!! Try it and lice it! So great to see you and your family doing well. Miss ya!

  2. Hey girl!!! I love the lavendar idea! I will need to give that a try as well :)

    And, YES! I remember decorating your room! It was so fun and hilarious to hang out! Miss you, Kate!!