Monday, June 13, 2011

Colorful Couscous Salad

As you can tell from my Couscous Stuffed Bell Peppers, I am a huge fan! Besides the great taste, the maximum 5 minute cooking time is a bonus...especially for summer!

My mom makes this Colorful Couscous Salad and it is so amazing and oh so simple! Another "throw it in a bowl and go" recipe! And even looks pretty with all of the fresh veggies! (And quite healthy as well!)

1 box Olive Oil flavored couscous (or any other flavor you would prefer...I use the Near East brand typically)
2 bell peppers-assorted colors
1 cucumber chopped finely
2-3 stalks celery-chopped finely
1 small can chopped/diced olives (drained/rinsed)
1 can chick peas (drained/rinsed)
1/4-1/2 cup Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing (just depends on how moist your ingredients are and how much you like)
Salt and Pepper to taste
My mom also adds capers, but I leave them out because I'm not a big fan...

Cook the couscous according to directions and while it sits for it's 5 minutes, chop your veggies. Then, fluff your couscous with a fork, add your veggies and salad dressing, mix, and eat!  This is a great picnic dish. The chick peas add a bit of protein that creates a great vegetarian meal or add some fish for a light summer supper!

Feel free to follow your garden or market's fresh fare and change it up for the seasons! This is just a basic recipe to work from. Also, change up the salad dressing for new flavor combinations!


Do you have any fast, fresh, and easy summer dish ideas? I'd love to give them a try!

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