Saturday, July 16, 2011

...And the Fat Lady Sings.

This song by Bruno Mars sums up how I'm feeling right about now...

As this posts, I am sitting in my last college class, presenting my research findings, and finishing my exit interview for my Ed.S degree...FINALLY...IT'S OVER!!!! This is my 3rd college degree (and LAST!) and the thought of waking up tomorrow with no school responsibilities is a bit foreign, but oh, so welcome!  You see, I am a middle school special education teacher and am getting ready to start my 5th year. Also, I have always been in school full-time while teaching full-time. I can't even imagine JUST working and not having classes, papers, research, etc. looming over me on top of work, family, and fitting in anything that would be fun.  My "to-do" list is growing, but now, it's full of things I have been wanting to do, but have not really been able to devoted too much time to because of school. Some of these items are: photography, cooking, making a collage wall in my living room, paiting the inside of my house (I love you, dear!!!), blogging, continuing my obsession over how cute I think my child is, and regularly scheduled naps! We are a big nap family. On the weekends, there is at least one per day. HAHA!  I think tomorrow is going to be a two-nap day!

I do want to say that I have the best family and group of friends that are so close they are also family and they have always helped keep me sane and been supportive. I am so grateful for you and hope I'm able to return the favor in the future.

Thank you, Ram for putting up with me and all of my papers, articles, and computer e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  for the past several years. Good thing all of that stuff is gone, huh?!!  Now it will be replaced with a sewing machine, fabric, camera equipment, and a messy kitchen from all of my experiments that I need to keep up with! I will do my best, but we shouldn't put too many restrictions on creativity, right??!!... :) xoxo

Manwich, you are my heart. xoxo

Now on to finish this gig...wish me luck!

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